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You May Qualify For Journalist Membership If You Fit Into One Of The Following Groups:

  • Reporter, editor, writer, publisher; editorial and news cartoonist or artist; news photographer or videographer; producer, president or general manager; librarian, web master or other editorial employee of a regularly issued news outlet that is supported by advertising , paid subscriptions, or funded by a non profit organization.( Organization must operate with editorial independence from any political, government, commercial or special interest and must be published for the primary dissemination of the news.)
  • Journalism instructors, professors and deans at the college level.
  • Non-fiction authors.

You May Qualify For Communicator Membership If You Fit Into One Of The Following Groups:

  • Non-editorial employees for qualified news outlets such as business managers, advertising managers, circulation managers, promotion managers and system operators.
  • Former journalists who worked as journalists for at least 10 years.
  • Current and retired press aides for foreign or domestic governments.
  • News Source members have regular contact with the 'working press,' such as public relation/communications professionals.
  • Authors of books or plays, editors of books or film, poets, television or film script writers and book publishers.
  • Student members who are enrolled full-time in undergraduate or graduate journalism programs; or work on campus .publications, broadcast outlets or news internet sites; or who otherwise intern or work part-time for qualified news outlets.
  • Building tenants: persons whose office of employment is located at the UPCI Building and do not qualify for one of the other above categories.
  • Spouse/Partner : The spouse and partners of members of the UPCI are eligible for full membership (except for voting privileges).