Member Application .

Free Membership


For Member of the Press holding a valid press card.

Visiting Press

For Visiting Press holding a valid Press card.

Retired Journalists

Valid for Retired Member of the Press.


Valid for non Journalists wishing to join the UPCI.


Corporate Membership for multi account.


For active students studying in relevent fields.

Terms and Conditions:

All the forms must be accompanied by proof of employment or profession.
Attach copies of documents such as I-Card,appointment letter.
In case of those who are self- employed sufficient proof should be provided.
The organization shall not be responsible for any criminal or illegal acts the member is involved in.
The membership is valid for one year. If the member does not apply within one month of expiry of membership, the membership shall terminate.
The membership card of the organization should not be used for any unlawful activity.
The Governing body holds the right to terminate the membership at any point of time after informing the member.

  • The organization is dedicated to public service.
  • Indian nationalism and the Indian ethos are of paramount importance.
  • Meetings/Gatherings will be aimed at furthering the cause of the noble profession of journalism and journalistic excellence.
  • No alcoholic beverage/intoxicants will be allowed in the meetings/gatherings of the organization.
  • The organization will be opposed to paid media and partisan media.
  • The organization will not support anything that goes against/ threatens national unity, territorial integrity, constitutional law and national soverinity.
  • The organization will always uphold life, liberty and security of the people and also personal of the individual citizen subject to the law of the land.
The UNITED PRESS CLUB OF INDIA Centre has a briefing room and is equipped with fixed and wireless networks, Printers, fax, photocopiers and telephones. A variety of NATIONAL and international newspapers and magazines are available as well as information material on indian government publications, statistics, press releases etc.